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Default Trying to install XP home 32bit

Due to prices going up, my living expenses almost doubling, and a few other unexpected expences I've decided to sell my DDR3 rig to fund a new monitor and a 2nd 4850 for my DDR2 rig.

My problem is the buyer wants XP and not Vista64 that was on this rig. I have an unused XP lisence so that's no problem. Problem is it won't install!

I put the HD in my other rig and deleted the partition and popped it back in the DDR3 rig. I cleared CMOS, set correct voltages and timings and set it to boot from CD. I start it up and it gets to the Boot from CD/DVD : prompt and sits there. Eventually I get DISK BOOT FAILURE, INSERT SYSTEM DISK AND PRESS ENTER (excuse the caps but that's how it's presented). I open and close the DVD drive and press enter and the same thing happens again.

I thought maybe it was having trouble reading the disc but it did the same with another XP disc I have on hand. Now if I put in either of my Vista64 discs it starts loading them no problem! Grrrr!

Do I need to format the HD with my other rig first? If so what format?

Any help would be appreciated. I have the video card and monitor loaded up in my cart at NCIX from last weeks sale and if I don't order by tomorrow I loose the sale prices .
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