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It's still a very decent GPU. It isn't as powerful as an HD4870, competes well with HD4850.. and competes well with 8800GTS(512-G92)and at it's best can match the GTX260-192(in a few games/benches). The 768MB of GRAM helps @ ultra-high res. w/eye-candy. It's a pig in power-consumption..and although it and a 9800GTX battle it out.. the 9800 is more energy efficient and cooler-running. The 8800GTX will generally beat a 8800/9800GT. I would only consider one if it was ultra-cheap(well <$200). I have an 9800GTX+ which, if bought cheap(i pd. $180CDN..3 months ago ) is the better value. /blabbering

Edit: It's more expensive than 4870, as it's "old tech".
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