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Originally Posted by Alwaysrun View Post
Hey folders I experienced a rather weird happening yesterday, well actually two strange things. First off my GPU client hung at around 40% for about 3hrs meanwhile my F@H CPU client kept chugging away and was at about 50%. I shut down both clients and rebooted and when I restarted them both the log file said completed and thanks for contributing to F @ H ...strange. I thought wow that sucks I lost out on points because they both seemed to crap out but later I noticed I received partial points for both of the work that the clients had accomplished.

Secondly I've been getting these god awefully slow GPU jobs where it takes about 30-40% longer to complete and I'm wondering wth is up with those? Now my 4850 isn't a folding superstar at only 3200ppd but yesterday I only did 2000 and I know when I don't use my machine for gaming my CPU and GPU combined can get around 3450ppd. Anyone experiencing these wierd things?
It is strange that your CPU client didn't restart from the latest checkpoint, mine always have. They have been giving partial credit for some time now, I think it was in response to all the EUE's folders were getting not too long ago...
Those slow GPU jobs you have been getting are the new, larger 5748 WU's [at least for Nvidia clients] and everybody has gotten them... and they suck bigtime...
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