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Default Getting partial credit for WUs

Hey folders I experienced a rather weird happening yesterday, well actually two strange things. First off my GPU client hung at around 40% for about 3hrs meanwhile my F@H CPU client kept chugging away and was at about 50%. I shut down both clients and rebooted and when I restarted them both the log file said completed and thanks for contributing to F @ H ...strange. I thought wow that sucks I lost out on points because they both seemed to crap out but later I noticed I received partial points for both of the work that the clients had accomplished.

Secondly I've been getting these god awefully slow GPU jobs where it takes about 30-40% longer to complete and I'm wondering wth is up with those? Now my 4850 isn't a folding superstar at only 3200ppd but yesterday I only did 2000 and I know when I don't use my machine for gaming my CPU and GPU combined can get around 3450ppd. Anyone experiencing these wierd things?
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