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Default vista --> XP gateway with aircard

Apologies if this should be in the networking thread instead.

I've got a sierra wireless aircard connected via USB to a laptop running XP. The laptop is connected via LAN to a DLink wireless router. I've got another laptop running Vista premium that I've managed to network to the XP machine, but I can't for the life of me establish a connection to the internet

On the XP machine:
- All 3 options under internet connection sharing are checked
- Router is configured with IP addy
- laptop is IP

On the Vista machine:
- The wireless connection IPv4 properties are set to use as the DNS server
- The default gateway is set to under the 'advanced' options.
- DHCP is enabled

This configuration worked previously using 2 XP machines. Connecting the aircard to the Vista machine isn't an option (XP machine is used by several people, Vista is a personal machine).

As mentioned, the networking between the two machines is fine, just no internet connectivity for the Vista box. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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