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Default Call of Duty 4 Review

Call of Duty 4, is possibly one of the greatest FPS we’ve ever seen. It takes a change from the franchise previous WW2 setting, to a modern warfare theme (hence the name). Now, we could probably sum this review up into a few words like…: “Go buy this game!” or “Must have!” but if you are still unsure whether Call of Duty 4 is the right game for you, here’s all you need to know.

First off, the graphics in this game are great. Its not quite Crysis level, but Call of Duty 4 is pretty darn impressive. The texture and depth of this game is great and the physics feel very realistic, and are almost perfect. It feels like a real war. The battle fields almost look too real. I give the graphics 8/10

Call of Duty 4 has one of the most compelling and deep story lines for any shooter, with great voice acting to back it up. None of that cheesy stuff, it’s really solid. You play as a S.A.S. operative, named “Soap” Mactavish, under Captain Price’s command (You may be familiar with him if you have played some of the other games in the series), followed by a character name Gaz, and other squad mates. You also play as a Marine (insert name/information after u get). The game play is great, and you’ll have no problem playing through the whole thing once, and then most likely playing through the whole thing again on veteran. The setting was great as well, and the game felt very realistic. You play through some Russian locations, and an unnamed Middle Eastern country, we wont get into that too much though, as you should play the game your self. You also get arcade mode, which is where you rack up points by getting kills, but this isn’t worth your time in my honest opinion, you better off to try 1000 times beating the bonus level “Mile High Club” on veteran. The single player campaign was lacking a co-operative mode though, like co-op, I feel that co-op is a must in any game, specially Call of Duty 4, where I think a second player should take on the role of Gaz, and be able to play through the story co-operatively. All in all, I give the single player campaign mode 8/10

Multiplayer is where this game really takes the cake! If your looking for a competitive online FPS, stop reading this review, and go buy this game. I think this is the main selling point of this game. One of the deepest online shooters, has a pretty solid ranking system, you kill people, and complete matches to gain experience, by leveling up you get guns and perks, to help you further your game. At level 55 you can reset back to level 1 (but you loose everything!) to get a better emblem… but it’s mainly just to look cool, you can do this 10 times, and it is called prestige. It gets really old, really fast. Aside from the rinse and repeat ranking system, the online is almost flawless! You have a whole arsenal of guns to choose from, along with perks. The maps are well designed, and most of them are taken right out of the campaign, you’ll probably be noticing this a lot. You play either as a S.A.S., Spetnaz, Op Four, or Marines depending on which map you are on. I give the online multiplayer 10/10

With all that said, this is THE next generation shooter, and you need to get your hands on it. Why are you still reading this? GO BUY THE GAME!

- Written by Ryan Martin, ZiikuTV
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