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Default Two PA120.3's Worth it?

Working on putting together a decent water cooling loop, and was just wanting some opinions, so far I have picked up so far a Single PA120.3, Six Scythe Ultra Kaze 2000RPM Fans, and Two MCP 655, a Swiftech GTZ Block, and thanks to Cadaveca, one (and soon to be two) 3870X2's with full coverage blocks.

I had planed to do something like Rez -> Pump -> CPU -> Rad -> Pump -> 3870X2 -> 3870X2 -> NB -> Rez

I am just wondering if it would be worth spending a little bit more to just split it into two loops, and do something like.

Rez -> Pump -> CPU -> NB -> Rad -> Rez (loop 1)
Rez -> Pump -> 3870x2 -> 3870x2 -> Rad -> Rez (loop 2)

Any help would be appreciated.
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