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Company Name: VisionTek
Product: HD4870
Warranty Period: Lifetime
Date purchased: 08/28/2008
Date RMAed: 10/16/2008
Where it was sent to: Inverness, IL USA
Ease of RMA: 8 - Quick replies...
Any extra fees?: $10 Shipping/Handling Money Order....$20 UPS Duty Fees :(
Wait time: Got it back today (Nov 7)...16 business day wait
Details: Well, they asked for a $10 shipping money order to send it back, but then of course they shipped with UPS so I got hit with duty fees. Was using a Thermalright HR-03GT; replaced with stock heatsink to RMA and had no problems with them about it.
Satisfaction: 8 - time to get it back was a PITA...went out and bought a GTX260 C216 for the system in the mean time
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