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Maybe. I don't so "linear thinking" so sometimes I may be FAR off...

The issue with multi-gpu configs is how the data is accumulated and displayed. MCM packing will allow this to change, as possibly allow for multiple gpu cores to appear as a single element to both OS adn the end user, as Intel quad cores do currently. Short data paths for communication, as well as shared processing elemetns are possbile like this, and issues caused by latency due to using an external chip for communication would be gone. If you can change this external chip, kind of like how nV have with thier NVIO chip, it's poosible to get what I've been chasing these past few years...seamless multi-gpu processing.

Really, I see heat, space, and patents holding things back. However, my view is an external one, not privy to internal processes, at least not any more. Time will tell if my "vision" coicides with gpu engineer's "visions"...
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