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Originally Posted by Dr_BenD_over View Post
It's good to have competition but:

NF3 felt like abandonware
NF4 was decent, except that crap nvidia never got to work right (firewall, IDE drivers)
NF570 was a complete rip off, just the crappy Intel NF4 renamed. I least I didn't get ripped off as much as those that forked out for NF590.
Absolutely.I fully agree.Add to That ;

NF680i was an untested , rushed-to-market-POS-chipset.


Let me say again , I agree with the loss of competition being a bad thing.

I will also say , I run AMD rigs myself.
I'm not worried that the loss of VIA and Nvidia chipsets might affect AMD.I'm standing here watching Intel pound in AMD's coffin nails.They (AMD) better do something quick or it's over.

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