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Originally Posted by AFG34 View Post
Thats for you to test. I don't know if YOUR ears will notice a difference.

Marhaba..haha i have Arabic friends.
lol, marhabtain ;)
Originally Posted by jdrom17 View Post
I have those earphones, they have pretty nice sound quality and for $50 why not? Though the bass is a bit overpowering thus the highs/mids don't sound the greatest but if your just listening to vocals it should be fine.
I <3 Base, i dunno, i just like bass alot, even when the voices come across lower. I dunno, it just sounds nicer to my ears, as long as its not too too much
Originally Posted by baov View Post
I'd stay away from bose. Everytime i tried bose, they sounded awfully muddy with the bass. You pay mostly for bragging rights among people who aren't audiophiles. But i guess 50$ is a good price.
Ya, they are good speakers/headphones just waaayy overpriced. Overall these are great though, i really really like them..

So ya, i got the D2 today, havent had very much time to play around with it, 2 final's tomorrow :(. But ill post back with some cool stuff later. So far though its a really cool pmp
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