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Default Tab = shut off ?


I am not too sure where to put this, so we'll start here. So, today I did my usual go check my stuff... Being as lasy as I am... and I know it takes something else than s. I press tab to change window... Unfortunatly, as soon as I press tab, all my window shut down and my computer turns off in a very fast manner(meaning there is very little wait time), I did a Virus check with Avast and found nothing... Being unable to live without tab, I tried booting in Ubuntu to see if the problem was also there... To my joy, it wasn't a problem at all... but pressing the letter that comes after wxy it does a ultra powerful backspace. It erases the equivalent of a tab but as if it was backspace... That's in Ubuntu... However, it doesn't always do it. Sometimes it presses the letter, sometimes it just backspaces and the rest(most of the time), it just backtabs it.

I will be running Spybot and Adaware tonight, but am I missing something somewhere ?

Thanks a lot!
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