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Default Proposed New Section: "Strictly Business"

I would like to propose the idea of having a new business section that would bring like minded members together in business discussion and possible ventures. Aptly named "Strictly Business", members would be able to communicate and promote the following:
  1. The legitimate service or product that they offer to whatever areas of Canada. Posted as "Service" or "Product".
  2. Possible networking and co-ventures between business people. Posted as "Networking Wanted" or "Co-venture", etc.
  3. Job offers, recruitment, and job wanted. Posted as "Positions Available", "Need Tech Work", etc.
  4. Help each other improve their operations and solve problems. Multiple heads are better than one, especially if you're not required to listen to them. Free advice from people who have been there and done that.
  5. Sounding board for new ideas. There always has been, and there always will be a way (there are even more now) for committed people working together to make a lot of money.
Suggested Rules:
  1. No crap or BS allowed. Only serious business discussion and fact finding.
  2. No "get rich quick schemes" or "ground floor opportunities".
  3. No multi-level marketing.
  4. No "Hot tips", "stock tips", etc.
  5. No deliberate, lazy, misleading, or incorrect information allowed. Do your homework and thorough research before you post something about business.
I can tell from being here at HWC for a few months that there are a lot of very sharp people who have not made a living by sitting on their cans waiting for a meal to show up. I like making money, and I like a lot of the people here, even though I have never met them. We could do business together. I'm still a very open and trusting person, in spite of being screwed the odd time before. I know that the initial trust and friendship that I have offered to people over the years has been paid back many, many times over.

Many active members here will still be members twenty years from now. I hate to think that we would have wasted all that time sitting on our hands, not willing to move forward with an idea or venture.

Anybody else think this is a good section to start? I would welcome all members and mods opinions and suggestions on this idea. I'm making some new virtual friends here and I think there might be some good business matches on our forum. Just my thoughts. Thanks everyone.

Opinions welcome.

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