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Default how does one embed video?

At school I am taking a class named web/MM. During the first semester we devote our learning efforts to making web pages and designing sites. Since the software package (Dreamweaver) is not up and running yet, we had to resort to learning basic html with the trusty notepad.

My question is simple: How do you embed a video from a file into a web page. The video is in .avi format so WMV or VLC for firefox (my teacher requires the use of firefox). I want to embed a video from \\xserver2\studenthomes\student*\Documents\My Videos\target_video.avi onto my web page.

To clear up useless questions, \\xserver2\studenthomes\student*\Documents is a directory in which only the student account tied to it has access to it. So if John Doe has an account, his private folder would show up as \\xserver2\studenthomes\Jdoe\Documents and so on and so forth.

On an unrelated note, I voted.
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