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Default Cowon D2 + Bose Triport In-Ears?

Hey guys,
Ive been looking for a new MP3 player for the last while, and yesterday I came across a company I have never seen before, Cowon. All the reviews keep saying how great of a device the D2 is. So yesterday, i saw it on sale at NCIX for $165, so i splurged over my $100 budget and bought it. After reading up more on it, everyone that owns it kept saying over and over about the sound quality that the D2 has, but you can only notice the sound Quality with better headphones, so i splurged even more above my budget, and i got a pair of Bose Triport In-Ear headphones. Regular Price $120 but got them brand new locally for $50, from someone that got them as a present. Anyways, does anybody know about the D2 and or the Bose Triports? and if so, what is your opinion did i make a good choice?
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