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Originally Posted by Tazer-[X] View Post
So windows 7 is a repackeged Vista? Thats a downer. I was really looking forward to server power and stability crossed with xp compatability in a windows OS LoL. Stupid me I geuss. Oh well, might as well get a degree in computer science and start making a open source port for DX10 to OpenBSD or FreeBSd and make the vid card drivers. That would be a real OS.
lol yeah good luck on that :) OR you could simply stay with Windows XP - nobody is "forcing" you to upgrade to 7 - as to DirectX 11, we barely have ANY worthy DX10 games now as it is that makes full use of DX10 effects, so you won't see many DX11 games for quite a long time to come - and heard rumors that you will be able to use DX11 in VISTA - is there any REAL reasons to upgrade to Windows 7 - some say that it's better than VISTA, faster, etc, well the truth of the matter is Windows XP Sp3 does the job just fine, for both applications and gaming and don't see any valid reasons to update to windows 7, when you can have all that cheesy interface in XP with software.
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