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So short update, tried several times to to 86 what was on the hard drive, never did manage to get rid of the two protected partitions that are on there. One being (I assume) the Acer recovery partition at about 15 gigs or so, and one smaller partition of about 1 gig. Never was able to get rid of the C or D partitions tried Partition magic, tried acronis tried a couple other things never could even get the C & D partitions merged while leaving the other two partitions alone. I would of been happy with C & D as one partition <-- there was a lot of this between Saturday and Monday.

I did use teh Windows Dvd for my desk top machine to try and load just a stright up copy of windows on the machine, got that far, but still had the damn multiple partitions no matter what I tried, and after the installing directly from my windows disk, I wound up with no drivers (video,ethernet yadda yadda ) So after some more attemps at acctually trying to get around Acers HDD set up, finaly decided that for now I would just get the machine restored so it could at least be used.

So falsh forward to using the three restore DVDs I made when we first got the machine install off of the DVDs goes fine, untill you are done, and it does its' last reboot into windows, and you are left with a black screen with a flashing s=cursor in the top left corner of the screen . So off to Acer tech support, with a quick e-mail, we did all of their steps right except for one "use the Acer System and Recovery CDs" exscuse me?? What Acer disks? SOunds musch like the Compaq I had years ago that was suppossed to come with two disks from the factory, but somehow they missed tossing them in the box at shipping time. So it will be off to Acer phone support, to inquire about these two disks

got to love computers sometimes eh???
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