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Both coolers will fit your Mobo no problem the Vendetta 2 is a HWC favorite so you cant go wrong there...The Gigabyte board does have a couple features that are nice but not to incredibly useful the important thing is they are both P45 boards and both have 2 PCI Express 2.0 slots one running at x16 and one running at X8 so the GPU performance should be the same, I guess whichever is cheaper or whichever you may prefer...essenstialy your looking at the same board as far as standard features go.

The Mushkin Redlines PC8000 are a good call

the Q9400 isn't to shabby it's only mildly clocked below the Q6600 but in the new 45nm CPU's however the higher multiplier on the Q6600 would likely get you more OC room...if your going to the 45nm start at the Q9450 and move up from there.

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