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OK, guys it was a hectic week but I found a local store(about a 15 minute walk actually!!!) that has lots of enthusiast gear. So this is what I am going to get I think, Just a couple of questions.

Looking at
Mushkin Ascent 4 gig kit ddr2-1000

This is where I am a bit stuck. I was thinking about getting the P5Q pro that was recommended here, but Gigabyte just released a board that looks good called the EP45-UD3P that looks really good. Any thoughts on these 2 boards?

Also it looks like this place does not have the sunbeam cooler I was looking for so is the Vandetta 2 also good? Looks like that is about the best cooler they have. Of if any of you have a recommendation that you know fits on the P5Q let me know. I think I will be going today to get the parts!!! WooHoo!!!

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