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My System Specs


Well, I've changed up the design a little bit.... and I think this will look a little bit better, and would serve for better form and funcion.
I've ordered a few more drive bay panels from silverstone which will serve to cover back of the drive bay. As well, I've drawn out all the designs in CAD, so just waiting back on quotes.
I've decided to use plexiglass with a brushed aluminum top and black core. its very pricey at $18/ sq ft, but... it'll fit well with the case and the idea I'm having... The theme will be Bushed Aluminum everywhere with Black cabling and blue/white accent LED's.

I have the logo being cut into the top of the PSU cover as previously mentioned, but I also have the logo, Revrsed and Sans Text on the side of the PSU cover... This will have Grey Fogged plexi behind to to mute the LED, but still show some through.... for the needed effect....

I've taken off the Ram cooler, it wasnt doing much for me.... as the top 180mm fan is doing a kick ass job at cooling all the northern components...

Hopefully, I'll have everything ready and good to go in a few weeks time, so I can show it off..... and I'll cross my fingers that its MDPC worthy :P
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