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My System Specs


Originally Posted by MpG View Post
3DM06: Looking at the top contenders, the QX9770 is edged out in the CPU score by the 920, but gets an overall score of 1000 points higher? Reasons? Thoughts?

Not sure I like the lower resolutions that the games were being benched at. I understand that it maximizes the differences between processors, but I'm honestly more interested about the differences seen at more common resolutions. People who buy these processors generally aren't playing 800x600, right? If there's no improvement at 16x10 or higher, so be it.

For 3DMark - The most likely explanation would be that, while on the direct CPU side of things, the I7 perform better, when the system does not useas much CPU power - such as in the remaining GPU tests of 3DMark - the speed of the CPU becomes more of a factor, than the power down, as it allows the video card to unleash "more potential".

Also for low resolutions, high resolutions would be great, unfortunately you would then be limited by GPU bottlenecking. CPU results aren't intended to convey real world results in terms of user expectations, but to show a scale of CPU comparisons within the confine of the results - e.g. which one is better and by how much. Also, it allows for clear scaling, rather than showing the results in .1 of frame, you can show 1 full frame, which is often easier for many people to comprehend.

The results at the low resolutions, will be reiterated at the higher resolutions, as all you are doing is increasing graphics load, no, or very little additional CPU usage would be used going from 800X600 to 1920X1200

That said Mac

So much information, it is difficult to know where to start
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