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Awesome. Seriously, fsweet job on this one. All kinds of interesting things when shown in comparison to earlier architectures.

Interesting how the bandwidth of the I7 at 1066Cas7 still beats out the Core 2's 1066 Cas5, even in single-channel mode. People springing for this can probably afford to skimp little on DDR3, without giving up much in the process.

3DM06: Looking at the top contenders, the QX9770 is edged out in the CPU score by the 920, but gets an overall score of 1000 points higher? Reasons? Thoughts?

Not sure I like the lower resolutions that the games were being benched at. I understand that it maximizes the differences between processors, but I'm honestly more interested about the differences seen at more common resolutions. People who buy these processors generally aren't playing 800x600, right? If there's no improvement at 16x10 or higher, so be it.

SupCom: Thank-you. I was thinking about doing exactly that sort of bench if I wound up springing for I7. Getting sick of my 4GHz rig bogging down to half-time or even slower, but looks like there won't be any big fixes with this offering.

Great review, looking forwards to seeing some of the X58's in action in the near-future!
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