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Originally Posted by sswilson View Post
Well, IMO even if Windows 7 is just a vista that plays nice in the sandbox it'd be great to see a new OS that works out of the box on launch day.

I'm sure M$ is going out of their way to avoid the great majority of issues they had with the lauch of Vista not the least of which will be giving manufacturers a stable pre-release to write proper drivers for.

I'm not expecting miracles, but suspect it'll be the Vista folks were looking for at the original launch and that it'll be accepted (grudgingly of course... :) ) by those of us who refused to adopt Vista.
Well I was registered with the beta of VISTA and it ran fine initially - problem was immature drivers that didn't play to well but VISTA has gone a long way. I can bet you anything there WILL be the same stories about Windows 7 - that is the same cycle that repeats. Also there has been a security update that affects XP VISTa and yes Windows 7 - now it will be fun to see Microsoft allow DX11 to be used in VISTA and not repeat the same mistake :)
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