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Default Making icons in ubuntu

How do I make icons in ubuntu? Right now I'd like icons for file manager and boinc. I cant open the file manager unless I put in a disk (either a CD or USB drive) and wait for it to show up on the desk top then double click it, also I don't see it in any of the menus.

Second, I managed to move the boinc folder to a location where I wanted it - oddly that hasn't affected it running. I made a link to the boinkmgr file then dragged it to the desktop but it doesn't work. It does open up the boinc manager but it shows nothing, no tasks, but they are definitely there and working. Double clicking boincmgr in file manager also brings up the boinc manager and it does show the tasks properly.

What gives?

I googled it and found tons of threads on making icons... but making icon art not making functional icons so apparently it's not a problem others have.
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