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Originally Posted by MpG View Post
Yeah, it remains to be seen how that turns out. Looks like Fuad didn't bother doing much homework on that particular article.

VR-Zone (see post 5)

On the other hand: OPTi Receives Award in Arbitration...

So Nvidia claims they quit using the prefetch a long time ago, but there was just a settlement on grounds that they didn't? Time will tell, I suppose. Really, it's pretty hard to saturate the PCI bus with anything short of an old RAID card, I think. I wouldn't expect a sound card to manage it.

I'm not sure I buy the "less competition argument" in this case. Even if Intel is the sole chipset maker for their processors, they've still got competition in other areas. And those areas need good chipsets in order to maximize their own potential, which hopefully provides incentive for Intel to keep improving them. Furthermore, with numerous mobo makers using those same chipsets, there's still competition between them to extract the most performance/reliability from what they're given.
This can be bad for gamers and video editors - and those with Creative Labs sound cards like the X-FI, Audigy, etc, this will mean lag and crackling / popping issues - I wonder how much truth there is to this - this is NVIDIA's death warrant. VIA chipsets were so unpopular because of their shitty performance and crippled PCI bus, and now NVIDIA ? It is very easy to saturate the PCI bus you would be surprised - People who already have NLE editing cards, DON'T upgrade your BIOS !!! 2 layers of uncompressed SD, a graphic track, sound, etc, is quite enough to cause big problems. My next system IS going to be Intel, no doubt, I really like AMD, but VIA being gone and NVIDIA being in the shit, not that I have much choice, and certainly will not touch AMD's own chipset with a ten foot pole either.
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