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Default Far Cry 2 PROBLEM!

Hi guys, I have a problem with Far Cry 2.
I installed it and then i tried to run it, it gave me the "its recommended you run SP1" and "You need to update your video card drivers" message. i clicked okay, it ran anyway played it, it was fine, little laggy but no biggie.
Then i updated my gpu drivers and i ran it, it was less laggy (woot) but at some parts of the game there are random black rectangles flashing.
Its not my monitor and it doesnt happen in any of my other games (prostreet, crysis warhead etc. ) I ran the game in a windowed mode just to test my monitor....and now i cant get it into full screen lol.
CPU:E8400 @ 3.8GHZ -->Zalman 9700NT HSF
GPU:XFX 5870 1GB
MOBO:Asus Striker 2 Formula
RAM:OCZ HPC REAPER 4GB 1066mhz pc2-8500 (5-5-5-15)@2.2v
CASE:Silvertstone TJ07
SOUND:Auzentech X-Fi Prelude
Keyboard:Logitech G15 V2
Mouse:Razer DeathAdder
Case Cooling:2x92mm exhaust,2x120mm exhaust, 2x120mm Ultra Kaze(3000RPM)intake.
Running:Win7 64-bit Ultimate
F@H PPD:46957

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