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Thanks for the replies so far. I'll take a look at the pics/links there. This is my case as is...let me know if you need different pics. The small pic is linked to the high res version in case you need to see things closer.

Edit: After looking at the pics of the side/top mount rads, a top mount would probably work better for me. I currently have my computer under the desk between two legs of the desk. If I had it on the side, it would be really tight sliding the comp out (it's on a rolling stand), as there is only about 3 or so inches of clearance on each side.

The legs don't interfere with the airflow, they're just 2 inch wide metal tubes. I have a good 10 inches of clearance between the top of the computer and the bottom of the desk, and if I were to take the computer off the rolling stand, I'd probably get another 3-4 inches if I needed it.

I'm assuming I'd need a dremel to cut holes in the top of my case?

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