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Default Water cooling Ultra Grid?

Hey everyone, I've scoured the forums here, and have spent hours searching google for information on adding water cooling to my current case, the Ultra Grid.

I've found that the Grid is a bit cramped, so I don't know if there's going to be enough space for a decent system. Does anyone have experience adding water cooling to a smaller case like this one? Any info on what some good components would be for it (I've read a bunch of the topics on the forums here and at other sites, but this is my first WC project, and I don't want to get crappy parts)?

My whole system is as follows:

Ultra Grid case
Ultra XVS 700W Modular PSU
XFX 680i LT mobo
Q6600 2.4ghz (G0)
2gb OCZ Platinum PC6400 ram

Seagate 500gb HDD

My current idle temps are 37-44 Celsius, and load temps get into the low-mid 50s. On a side note, could the varying range on the cores mean bad thermal paste distribution?

I'd like to get into OC'ing a bit, but don't feel comfortable doing it when my temps seem fairly high already, and I think if I can get a decent water cooling system in place I could start having some OC fun.

Thanks for the input/help.

Edit: Not sure if it matters, but I'll be adding more ram, and 1-2 more hard drives in the next few months. And the ambient room temp is rather high too. Between my computer and my wife's Mac Pro, there's a lot of exhaust heat in our little office...enough that you can notice the difference walking in or out of the room.
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