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One of, if not the best wireless mouse is the Logitech MX Revolution. I owned one briefly and loved it though sold it due to the low DPI. (I prefer wired and 2500+DPI) It's very comfortable, has tons of features and can be had for under $50 if you know where to look. I got mine for $43 at Costco.

As for keyboards, I'm pretty sure you won't find one that is backlit with programmable buttons and wireless. I would imagine the backlight puts unnessecary drain on the keyboard's batteries, hence why I've never seen one. If your willing to go wired, I really like the g11/g15 series from Logitech, as do many others I know. The G15 retails at around $70 but again, can be had for under $50.

As for brand preference, I'm a huge Logitech fan. I've owned their products for years and have only had one issue. One of the media keys got stuck the first time I used my G15 and they sent me a new one no questions asked. They even let me keep the broken one that was fixed with some super glue.
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