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Default Acer laptop noob, question(s)

Ok so I know that Acer is not everyones first choice, but this machines specs fit the bill for what I wanted, so with that said. I have a question or two for anyone else who owns a Acer lappy.

For what it is worth I have a Aspire 6390/Vista Home Something or another 64 bit 4gig ram ram/320 hdd.

So i powered it up, got rid of the Macaffee/MS Office demos, made my 3 dvd backup. Which leads me to my questions.

I now have to visible partions for the HDD 1 @142 gig, and one @ 138 gig, is two partitions normal for Acer? Also I am comming up a little short on my HDD space, even allowing for formating it would seem.

1) Can the machine be reformatted, and restored from the backups on one partition? Figured I should ask before I start installing what I want on it.

2) The three dvds I just burned as a back up, do they contain "my" copy of Windows, the drivers ect? I say "my" copy as I kind of expected to see at least a Windows disk in the box, but this being my first laptop/Acer product and all I, not really sure what I should be expecting.

I'd much rather run this as a single partition machine, and simply back it up to an external HDD, am I expecting to much?

Thanks Peeps!
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