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- 2 x 2 gb kit seems like a no brainer. been so long since i bought ram i neglected to notice 2gb sticks even existed. now what is the deal with 4 gb of memory and windows XP? i heard it can't utilize that much. if that is the case are there issues associated with this?

- PSU - thanks for that. think i will look into the Corsair 620W but is good to know i could operate with 550W. have no idea what new systems draw so went big. hehe.

- DVD Burner, HSF and HDD's. i have that covered minus the HSF. will the stock HSF suffice or should i consider 3rd party? may have to pick up a 1 TB HDD just for & giggles.

- considered a more robust CPU (E8400) but being cash hampered i figure i can always upgrade that later. and probably will.

- GPU - looked at the 4850 but it costs a fair bit more than the 9800GT. still not sure on ATI vs NVidia. i have always played games with the graphic settings low, even when my comp was good enough to run the current games maxed. a handy quirk that probably makes the vid card choice moot.

- the dark side will save me money on suntan lotion!!

help on cases! choosing a case is like choosing a grape from a bunch. which is the juiciest?

this build won't be happening for at least 2 weeks. stuck out of town making the money to pay for this so keep it coming!
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