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Sorry, I like ZP a lot, but not so much that it deserves the title of 'unbiased'. It has its own niche, and one of the biggest reasons people watch it is to watch games get torn apart and mocked, no matter how good they might be. And he does it in a way that you generally don't mind it, even if you actually liked the game (unless you were born w/o a sense of humour). But just because it doesn't praise every game to the heavens, that doesn't mean it's automatically unbiased.

Personally, I think there's too much money in electronic entertainment, and too many people who care about that x/10 ranking, to find an unbiased organization of any size. The best you can do is to hold off on buying the game for a few weeks, then go googling for a day to get a general consensus as to what the game's strong and weak points are.
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