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Spy bot is SPYWARE LoL. It is the worst peice of crap spaghetti code i have ever seen ( Cept for my first Java Lab ) Hell, I can do better than spybot by manually editing and cleaning up my own registry. Mind you, ive gotten so carefull online, that I havent had to do that since Win2K.
Oh yea, Adware is from the same group, actually, most of them are from the same code base. What one wont detect, they all wont. Ive tried them all. All part of being a net admin at one time. Be familiar with your environment and outside your DMZ. And last, but the most important,learn the registry keys so well, that you can just scan the reg and notice oddities. When you do, nuke them out. No software can run with registry keys missing. Better than any AV program out there.
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