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My System Specs


Do you know if any of them are 1080p? I'd get whatever has 1080p since it'll make a nice monitor

I have a 40" Bravia from last year (which is way outdated now) but it supports 1080p and I have my HTPC hooked up to it via a DVI-to-HDMI cable (7900GTO) and it looks nice and crisp standing right in front of it. Obviously if you wanted to use it as a monitor you'd have to sit back a couple feet so you could see the entire screen but it could potentially be usable. Might need to increase the font sizes however since things get pretty tiny at 1920x1080.

In general, TV's use way better panels than the majority of LCD monitors so the it'll look pretty good regardless of the specs. Plus each company has their own testing methods so it's never an accurate comparison.

If you can view them all in person with some HD content playing, I'd just pick based on which one I consider looks the best. Though I'd also ensure all the display settings are on "default" or "standard" not those vivid/game/movie/sport modes or whatever.
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