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I would use neither - Actually I did use both before, and then everybody kept telling me how Norton is really bad - until a point where I decided to try something else and see what I was missing. Norton is a resource hog, it is slow too even on the latest system. I've been doing a bit of research on avcomparative and virus bulletins looking for software that have the 100% certification, meaning that they detect 100% of the IN THE WILD, known viruses and came across something called AVIRA - I now use AVIRA Security Suite, has firewall, anti-virus, anti-spyware/trojan, etc, all in one - I was surprised how much better it is to Norton and how fast it is to access its control panel. You can get a FREE 3 months, FULL, non crippled license to try it out and it is well worth the price - it has very high marks on avcomparative and has very frequent updates, sometimes more than once daily - For spyware, I use Spyware Doctor - I recommend Spyware Doctor, AdAware 2008 and SpySweeper, sometimes you have to use more than one to remove what others have not completly done.

But AVIRA, I definately recommend over Norton & AVG. AVG misses on a lot of trojans, malware, etc, that AVIRA picks up. Also even Norton picks up more than AVG.
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