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Default Need info on LCD TV


I have the option to pick up an LCD/Plasma TV through work for dirt cheap, 200 bucks for a 37"-42". My problem is; I do not watch TV and my living room dosn't even have a TV in it; I do watch blueray/dvd though that's usually done from the comfort of my bed!

Thus; I plan on using this unit with my computer - I know my LCD monitor specs quite well; my question is - do these apply directly to lcd/plasma TV's?

Obviously I want to see it and find which has the best image; as well highest contrast ratio and best response time possible; but what I'm curious to know from people who use 30" and above screens as their main display what issues they can run into and what I should look for when choosing my display.

Please also suggest models; but keep in mind I can only select from Sharp, Sony, or Samsung (The Sharp and Sony's are exactly the same screens with different casings; being both made in the exact same factories).

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