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Default AntiVirus Software: AGV vs Norton

Hey all, quick question re: AVG Antivirus Software...I have been using Norton for the last 4 yrs or so and really haven't had any problems, up until a few weeks ago.
My old gaming Rig now belongs to my wife at her business, she had a BSOD (while I was out of town at work), I told her that it was likely due to a "Driver Issue" (has happened once before on that PC) and that I fixed it before by booting into Safe Mode, uninstalling Video Driver, running Driver Cleaner and re-installing Video Driver, all was fine.
Anyhow, I obviously wasn't going to walk her through the process on a phone, so I told her to take the PC to our local shop.
He advised her that the GPU was no good....I immediately called him and told him of my past issue and wanted to see if he tried this (the obvious first), he said he wasn't sure as his Tech was working on it, but he would give it a go.
Next thing I know the PC is back with my wife (same GPU, obviously it was fine), but they advised that they had found a number of Viruses and Spyware, which they fixed, also on the invoice stated "Re-install" OS.
Seems kind of strange to me that the Norton installed on thier could let all these Viruses and Spyware slip by, which his AVG this common?
Which brings to my question, is AVG that much better than Norton....or dod he simply make a "fast buck", claiming all these Viruses and Spyware? It should be noted that I kept that PC quite clean, regularly running Clean Sweep, Defrag and Norton Scans (Norton ever only found the odd Adware and removed it).
The specs for that Rig are:
CPU - P4 @ 3.2 (never OC'd)
Memory 4 x 500MB Kingston (cannot recall the Speed etc)
GPU - Evga 6800GT
PSU - Enermax 475W
MOBO - Gigabyte (cannot recall model)

Anyhow, I'm curious to whether or not I should be ditching my Norton and installing AVG.

Thanks for your time.

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