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It's hard to say what hardware will be around and at what price after Xmas. But the Q6600 is on its last legs you may see a price drop after the i7 release however you may want to look at a 45nm CPU like the Q9450 or Q9550 there should likely be some small price drops in these as well. If the choice was between the 4830 and the 3870 I would get the 3870 but with that said for the small price difference get the 4850 no question. The case is largely personal choice but I lean toward the CM690 between those two however the CF Haf 932 would be preferred. The muskin redlines PC8000 would be preferred over the XMS2 PC 6400 but that depends on your Overclock hopes and price at the time if that is relevent. Hook us up with your budget and this wil be easier however with Boxing day 2 months away it might as well be next year who knows what the future holds for prices and components.

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