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Default New Rig Advice

Hi Hardware Canucks.. I'm new here.. I plan on building a new rig just after Christmas. here is what i have planned and i would like some advice on my components (i plan on purchasing most of it on boxing day).

Used for mainly gaming and some cad design work.

budget is around $500-$550 US (i will be purchasing it all through newegg to save on tax cost... depending on the candian dollar level then...)

I will be doing some overclocking for the first time, other than with previous vid cards. I'm hoping to hit around 3.2-3.6 ghz on the oc

CPU: Q6600
Mobo: Asus P5Q-E
Ram: 4gb (2x2gb) either Muskin Redline or corsair xms 2
Vid Card: Thinking either a 4830 or a 3870... advice?
Power Supply: Corsair tx-750 (Already Have)
Hard Drives: Hitachi 500gb, Maxtor Maxline II 250gb x2 (already have hdd's also)
case: Antec 900 or CM 690
Heatsink: Tuniq tower? not sure on this one

Is that Asus board any good for crossfire also?

thanks for any advice

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