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Default Seems to be okay now - heat issue a bit of concern.

Well... looks like the "2nd' time seems to have worked ;)

So perhaps the HDD2 error LED was a "glitch" and it was actually working fine this time.
(Started the "rebuild" at about 6pm... still was working at 1am.... so I'm not sure exactly how long it took, but it seems to have been finished by 7:30 am).

Pretty much my main concern with this product at this point, is the temperature of the drives. Inside this thing, they get extremely hot! I ended up leaving one side off, to allow more air flow. (not sure if this has to do with the drive slots being so close to each other?

Is it normal for the drives to always be on? I seems the 'fan' is always running on it, but at the same time, for no activity, the drives are still really warm.

I'm only going to have this thing on when I do backups... but still... perhaps I should look into a different product?
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