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@ FiXT: Thanks for the compliments! Very kind of you to say! I regards to the benchmarking results, I was planning on testing the performance impact of three 22'' monitors vs one but I had thought (at the time) that was I getting too close to the deadline and wouldn't have had enough time to complete such a section. Now that the deadline has been extended, I'm considering writing a second section to the review to be posted before the 15th that will address this issue as well as what "minimum" graphics card would be required to properly play most games. Then again, the highest-end video cards right now start to "chug" on such games as Crysis on a single 24''-26'' monitor. So asking more than twice the pixels from the same graphics card is definitely a strain. I unfortunately don't have many video cards in my posession in order to test just what the minimum required graphics horsepower would be. Sufficed to say, you'll need more than just a $150 video card if you plan on running three screens with decent framerates.

@ Infiniti: I'm glad you're considering it as opposed to a 30'' monitor. From my own experience seeing and using 30'' monitors, I find it all the extra vertical pixels to be more annoying than anything. Having to squint to see fine details and look to the top or bottom of my screen to see everything is more of a nuissance to me. But with three widescreen displays, those problems aren't present at all. I'm glad you found the review helpful!
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