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My System Specs


Top notch stuff mate!

A subjective review such as this is very difficult to pull off. While there are some clear cut, "This is good" "This is bad" points, everyone's opinion on exactly what is good and bad is different depending on what suits them. Accessories and peripherals, aren't like video cards or CPU's where you can say "See, this is faster than this, so it is better". You showed the different aspects of the product, and then allowed the reader to make there own assumptions - good stuff!

I enjoyed how you stepped out of the box and showed aspects of this product that people likely aren't going to encounter until they own in, then they are stuck scratching their heads, or realizing it was a bad purchase. Things such as the LCD positioning :)

The only thing I could see that would have been an interesting additive to the review, and potentially a necessary part of the review if it was for a mass public audience, would be comparisons with different types of video cards and what kinds of frames rates were achieved in games and things such as 3Dmark. An investigation of sorts as to exactly how powerful a video card would be required to use this and still maintain playable frames in things such as Crysis or Oblivion.

Otherwise in the words of Bill and Ted - "Most Excellent"
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