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Originally Posted by BALISTX View Post
I do have one question. What are your system specs? What resolution were you gaming at?
My Computer isn't the best computer you would see but I've tested it on my friends pc as well and it had the same faults (i mean the enemy was dumb sometimes)

Vista -32 bit
1 gig ram (sucks)
EVGA 9600GT 512 MB.
Resolution used was 640x480
Anti aliasing was set to x2.
Every thing else was Cranked up.

My Friends PC
XP Professional
2 GIG ram (kicks ass)
HIS 4870 512MB.
Resoulution was set to 1200 and higher
Anti Aliasing was cranked up to x8
Every thing else was Cranked up.

It doesn't really matter what my test bed was sir. But I felt like I should tell you.

You would still have a good experience with the specs of my PC and the settings I have. It was still really great. Every thing look really nice and clean with X2 Already! X8 was kind of just to make it look over sexy.
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