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Originally Posted by ziikutv View Post
You stole my lines. The gun picking turns it into an RPG. I like games like these. Aprt from the part that you have to put 1000 bullets in the man to kill him. One bullet is fine.
Nah, itís the buddy thing. Apparently I abandoned my one, not sure what to do about it
now, heís off sulking somewhere I guess. Thatís better than the one I shot in the
back during a firefight. I felt kinda bad about that one for a second or two, till I realized
he didnít actually die. Weíre still buddies, lucky for him my accuracy stat is only 34%.
Speaking of which, I should be able to guarantee a kill in 4 shots, statistically.
So Iím sure if you sneak up behind a guy, get a good aim, you should be able to kill him with less than 100 shots!
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