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well here is what i would recommend but i am biased towards yamaha.

I personally love the yamaha recievers as they generally are great bang for the buck. Not to say that denon/hk/sony/onkyo are bad just i find yamaha's have the best bang for the bucks. However one downside to yammy's is that they are very tall.

As far as subs go. This is one area you shouldn't skimp on. Also make sure the rca cable your using can handle the sound.

For what it's worth here is what i have (and yes i need to upgrade the reciever i need more hdmi)

Yamaha HTR-6060B Reciever
JBL Fronts, centre and rears
Athena S-4100 Sub

Now i can't turn the sub up much past 4/10 or my neighbour complain :) i guess thats what i get for have 5 subs :)
and now for something completely different

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