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Originally Posted by D4ng3r View Post
I have the option to get a performance-modded (all unnecessary proccesses stopped, or something to that effect) xp 32 bit, or I can wait an extra two or so weeks for a regular 64bit xp. I am getting an e7200 in the new rig I am building, as well as probably in the next 6 months upgrading from 2 gigs of ram to 4 gigs.

What do you think? Primarily gaming rig. Should I go for the 64 bit, even if it will take a bit longer? Is it worth the wait? Does xp really work well in 64 bit? Are there different drivers I will need, and are they hard to find? Will I be loosing that ~500mb if I go 32bit (3.5gigs showing), and will that make a HUGE difference?

Looking for future-proof-ish ideas.

Thanks guys :)
Either go with XP-32 or Vista-64. Although i don't have XP-64, i've read nothing but bad reviews/problems with it...especially compared to Vista-64. The ~500MB lost to a 32bit OS won't have much negative affect. If you're going for future-proof, you might as well go Vista Home Premium. GL
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