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Default Build me a new rig w/ Core 2 Duo

I'll be getting my parts likely from Canada computers or ncix if the benefit is there.

Basically I'm aiming to put together a rig with careful choices on the motherboard/ram/cpu and case to reduce costs.

The CPU I've thinking on is the Intel Core 2 Duo E7200

To be frank I've never built an Intel based computer before, but the benefits are there. The last rig was with a 5400X2 + 3870. Is this new CPU a good deal?

I do not know much about intel motherboards, I'm looking for one with decent performance, stability, low price, and one PCI-slot because I won't cross-fire or sli. I've heard some recommend the Gigabyte EP43-DS3L.

For the RAM either 2 to 4 Gigs of low-priced stable ram, I'll likely not overclock.

For the case I'd preferably enjoy one with an included 500+ Watt power supply, a removable dust-filter and somewhat of having noise-dampening attributes. I'm against top-side fans or see through cases with lots of lights and bells. Aluminum or steel, it doesn't matter.

The video card I consider to be a good value is the 4670, the 4850 is ~$55+ more at canada computers and I might not need the extra power as my resolution probably won't exceed 1600x1200 with the monitor I may purchase.

These are the items I need help with, please help me to the best stuff out there.


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