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My System Specs


Originally Posted by Lithotech View Post
I hear ya. How are you liking it?

I'll probably upgrade a couple CPUs in the next year or so, but no mobos till that new socket is out and below the stratosphere in prices.

Gotta have that tri-channel mem! But it can wait since my current rigs are pleasently fast.

Yeah, I'm going to roll with this board for a while yet. I've been waiting to rebuild my water loops for a while as I still have a few parts I need on the way. Once that happens, I'll be overclocking, but for now it's at 525 FSB (3.15GHz) with the RAM at 1260MHz (the RAM I have does not like this board, I should be getting some better stuff soon)

It's still fast even with these wussy clocks, so once we get things cranked up, it should be fun!

Originally Posted by Lithotech View Post
Lets have a little pool on the price of this puppy. Whoever is closest to the release price without going over, wins!

Guessing from the current price of the Rampage X48, I'll post a price of $595. That's a little over a hundred bucks more than the X48. Judging from the current price increases I've seen these days (most likely due to the falling Canadian dollar vs USD), I may be way under with this.

I think you're in the right range there.

Originally Posted by Lithotech View Post
Oh yeah babuh! That's going to be one happy and lucky reviewer!

No kidding!
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