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My System Specs

Default Hydro Copper 16

Just in case anyone was curious about a full coverage option, Here's some pics of an EVGA Hydro Copper 16 on one of my 260 sc 216s. I did find the removal of the stock cooler a little trickier than my 8800GTS was, but there were great instructions in the HC16 package.

As you've no doubt heard, this thing is very heavy, but I don't think it's as hard on the pcb as you might think at forst since it has an upper and lower plate that holt the pcb rigid. The cooler, when installed goes almost up agaainst the motherboard, so there isn't much leverage there that might cause warping.

The cooler removed

notice that I just threw in a couple of compression fittings to try them out, but they wouldn't clear the backplate so I ended up using teh stock fittings which were fine- worm drive clamps were provided.

I haven't gotten around to doing something with the two power cables yet.
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