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Originally Posted by Formaldehyde View Post
Okay guys, so i am planning to build a new gaming rig. My budget is around 1500ish. So here are the parts i've picked out already.

EVGA 780i
2x GTX 260
Antec Twelve Hundred
Coolmax CUG-950B 950watt PSU
OCZ SLI-Ready DDR2 800mhz RAM
Thermaltake Bigwater 760i (Cuz i dont want anything sticking out of my case)
OCZ OCZTFRZTC Freeze Thermal Paste
X-Fi Xtrememusic - from my old computer
CD/DVD Drive - from my old comp
Anything i should be aware of? Bad parts? etc.
P.S. 24' LCD

all that for 1500?
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